We are dedicated to fostering a vibrant and supportive community where everyone has the opportunity to thrive. Our diverse range of programs and services is designed to meet the needs of individuals and families, providing essential support and creating a sense of belonging. Here’s how we are making a difference:

youth group cooking

Youth Clubs. Our youth clubs offer a safe and welcoming environment where young people can connect, learn, and grow. Through a variety of activities and programs, we encourage personal development, teamwork, and leadership skills. Our dedicated staff and volunteers are committed to nurturing the potential of every young person who walks through our doors.


Young Carers. Being a young carer can be challenging, and our Young Carers Group provide much-needed respite and support. We offer a space for young carers to share their experiences, access resources, and participate in fun activities that give them a break from their responsibilities. Our goal is to ensure that young carers feel supported and valued within the community.


Holiday Clubs. YMCA Taunton offers School Holiday Clubs, where children aged 7-12 can enjoy a fun-filled, supportive, and nurturing environment. Our holiday activities are designed to keep kids engaged, active, and creative during school breaks. We offer a wide range of indoor and outdoor activities tailored to suit every child’s interests.


Community Pantry. The Community Pantry at YMCA Taunton is a vital resource for those facing food insecurity. By offering affordable groceries and essential items, we help to ease the financial burden on families and individuals. Our pantry is stocked with a variety of nutritious foods, and we also provide information on healthy eating and cooking on a budget.

social space

Social Space. Our community hub is more than just a place; it’s a welcoming social space where people can come together to relax, meet new friends, and participate in various activities. Whether it’s a coffee morning, a craft workshop, or a community event, our social space is the heart of YMCA Taunton, promoting social interaction and inclusivity.

Support and Advice

We understand that life can be challenging, and sometimes everyone needs a bit of help. Our experienced team offers confidential advice and connects people with the right resources to help them navigate difficult times. We also run workshops and events.