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Two Somerset charities, YMCA Taunton and Navigate, have collaborated to provide a free course aimed at addressing the current cost of living crisis. The initiative aims to equip individuals with essential budgeting and household finance management skills amidst economic challenges. 

The joint effort between YMCA Taunton and Navigate seeks to offer practical solutions to those grappling with financial strain. The free session will deliver invaluable insights, top tips, and expert advice on effective budgeting and managing household finances. Participants can expect interactive sessions with professionals, opportunities for questions, and guidance on accessing further support resources. 

The ‘Warm and Welcoming’ session is scheduled to take place at YMCA Taunton on Wednesday 8th May, from 0945 to 1300, and will be followed by a complimentary lunch. Attendees will also receive a special goodie bag to support their ongoing financial journey. Given the anticipated interest, early booking is advisable as spaces are limited. 

“In times of economic uncertainty, it’s essential to provide accessible resources and support networks,” said Clare Langley, General Manager of YMCA Taunton. “By partnering with Navigate, we aim to empower individuals and families with the knowledge and skills needed to navigate financial challenges effectively.” 

“We now live and work in a time when many people’s basic needs are not being met. We see more deficit budgets as the cost of living creeps into every area of people’s lives with rises in rent, food, and fuel costs. Our aim is to make financial education accessible to all. The Warm and Welcoming session has been designed to be fun, engaging, and informative. Together with the YMCA we hope to help many Taunton residents with information, tools and top tips to tackle the cost of living crisis.”  said Mel Allen, CEO. 

YMCA Taunton is dedicated to supporting children, young people, and families through a range of community-based activities and services. Navigate, based in Burnham on Sea, focuses on building confidence, knowledge, and skills for sustainable money management. 

For those interested in attending or seeking further information, please contact: 

YMCA Taunton 

Phone: 01823 274667 


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