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Today marks an extraordinary milestone: 180 years of the YMCA’s remarkable global movement. From its humble beginnings in 19th century London, when 22-year-old draper George Williams joined forces with a group of friends to create the first Young Men’s Christian Association (YMCA). It began as a refuge for Bible study and prayer, offering young men a safe haven from the perils of life on the streets of London.

Fast forward 180 years, and YMCA has expanded to serve more than 65 million people across 120 countries. This inclusive movement embraces individuals of all ages, races, genders, sexual orientations, and socio-economic backgrounds, all while staying rooted in its Christian values.

See YMCA England & Wales timeline page for more about the history of YMCA.

A Beacon of Support

In England & Wales alone, YMCA supports 375,197 young people across 669 locations. This impactful work is made possible by more than 3,900 dedicated staff members and over 1,900 committed volunteers, each playing a crucial role in YMCA’s operations.

In Taunton in 2022/23 19,135 young people attended activities at our centre.

YMCA Taunton young people interactions

A Legacy of Resilience and Adaptability

YMCA has consistently served as a beacon of hope, especially in times of turmoil. During World War II, the organisation provided vital support both on the front lines and within communities at home. More recently, YMCA has been at the forefront of addressing the ongoing housing crisis, demonstrating its unwavering commitment to support those in need.

At YMCA Taunton we continue this support with our Community Pantry and free workshops/events.

Community-Driven Success

The secret to YMCA’s longevity lies in its resilience and adaptability. By drawing insight and direction from the very communities it serves, YMCA can address a diverse range of needs. This grassroots approach breathes life into YMCA’s core belief: that everyone deserves a fair chance to discover who they are and what they can become.

YMCA Taunton has a range of health and wellbeing activities which servce the local community.

YMCA Health and Wellbeing stats for 22/23

Honouring Our Founder and Our Future

As we celebrate this historic landmark, we pay tribute to our founder, Sir George Williams, for his vision and dedication. We also extend our deepest gratitude to our incredible staff, volunteers, and supporters who have propelled us to this moment. Most importantly, we honour the young people and communities who inspire and drive our work forward.

An Unstoppable Force

Embracing our accolade as the world’s oldest and largest youth organisation, YMCA stands as the definition of an unstoppable force. Throughout its history, YMCA has navigated communities and countries through wars, natural disasters, and pandemics, steadfast in its mission. As we look to the future, we continue to forge ahead, committed to supporting and empowering the people we serve.

Here’s to 180 years of making a difference. Here’s to YMCA.

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