Preschoolymca preschool rated good 2024

YMCA Taunton Preschool is thrilled to announce that it has retained its ‘GOOD’ rating following a recent Ofsted inspection conducted on 2 May 2024. 

This achievement highlights the preschool’s continued dedication to providing high-quality early years education and care. The preschool previously received a ‘GOOD’ rating during its last inspection in 2018. 

“Staff are positive role models and are sensitive and kind in their approach. This helps children to learn good behaviours and develop respectful relationships with others.” 

Ofsted Report 2024

Ofsted (Office for Standards in Education Children’s Services and Skills) is responsible for inspecting services that care for children.  A ‘GOOD’ rating signifies that the preschool is performing well and effectively supporting children’s development and learning. 

YMCA Taunton Preschool operates from the YMCA in Taunton and has been providing quality early childhood education for over four decades. It serves children and their families with a welcoming and supportive environment.  With a dedicated team of eight staff members, seven of whom hold Level 3 qualifications, the preschool ensures that children receive the best possible start in their educational journey. 

“Children flourish and enjoy their experiences at this welcoming and friendly preschool. Staff know the children incredibly well and interact with them in a kind and caring manner, supporting and encouraging them in their learning. As a result, children are happy and confident, showing high levels of self-esteem.” 

Ofsted Report 2024

The Ofsted inspection report commended YMCA Taunton Preschool for its nurturing and effective educational environment.

Clare Langley, General Manager of YMCA Taunton, expressed her joy at the preschool’s accomplishment:  

“I am delighted that our preschool has received a Good rating from Ofsted. This achievement is a testament to the unwavering dedication and hard work of our staff, the support of our parents/carers and the enthusiasm of our children. Together, we are providing a nurturing and high-quality early education that sets a strong foundation for children to grow and thrive.” 

YMCA Taunton Preschool remains committed to fostering an inclusive and stimulating learning environment where every child can thrive. The preschool’s dedicated staff continuously strive to enhance their teaching practices and engage with each child’s individual needs, ensuring a robust foundation for lifelong learning. 

Read the full report on the Ofsted Website.

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